Kelly Slater Drops 3 Fresh Edits of His Artificial Wave

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All I can say is these four new edits from the Kelly Slater Wave Pool Company are overwhelming awesome. Featuring a varied cast of character besides just Slater himself, it shows the potential of what this technology can provide. For 10 years, Slater had been working with a team that includes a University of Southern California aerospace engineer to beat competitors in Spain, Germany, Australia and San Diego in the artificial wave arms race.

The place is shrouded in mystery, and all that is officially known is the wave is located 110 miles from the coast. No word on any other details, but internet sleuths have made educated guesses that the location of the wave is the town of Lemoore, California.

Not everyone is excited about the advancements in artificial waves. Longtime Surfer Magazine Editor-in-Chief Steve Hawk told the Los Angeles Times, "We might have an Olympic champion surfer who has never duck-dived under a wave, never jumped off a jetty, never put on a leash, never been scared out of their wits," he said. "I find that future thoroughly disheartening. It's not real surfing." Hawk was referring to the possible inclusion of surfing in the 2020 Olympics.

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Nothing can be said for certain about the future of artificial waves, but hell, they look like a damn good time.

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