Kelly Slater Wave Co. Buys Austin’s NLand Surf Park

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When modern artificial surf parks first became a thing a few years ago, everyone was drooling over the fact that, they too, could someday surf a perfect barrel. However, it quickly became clear that wave pools were a beacon of the elite, and it took until 2016 for one to be opened to the public in the US. Austin, Texas’s NLand Surf Park was the first to break that mold when it opened its doors to the public in 2016.

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Kelly Slater Wave Co. just bought NLand surf park, according to ATX Real Estate News. The former owner, Doug Coors (of Coors Brewing) sold the wave pool for an undisclosed sum to the LLC that owns Kelly Slater’s Waco, Texas Surf Ranch (you know, the one where the pros go to play).

No announcements have been as to what the World Surf League (who bought KSWC in 2016) intend to do with the property. Only time will tell.

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