Last Call: 100-Foot Waves, Backcountry Moose, Jeff Holce The Athlete, FWT Teaser, Fast Food

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Welcome to Last Call. Dropping every Friday, this column serves as a wrap-up of our favorite stories and videos from the week—some old, some new, but all worthy of attention.

Interview: Jeff Holce The Athlete

For all the dumb and boring interviews of dumb and boring snowsports athletes, there’s at least one interview with a hilarious ginger “athlete” eating breakfast pizza and using words that don’t exist. Thank you, Yobeat.

The 100-Foot Wave

The St. Jude Storm, one of the largest and most dangerous in recent history, slammed into the European coast earlier this week creating some of the biggest surf on the planet. A crew of big wave surfers led by surfing legend, Garrett McNamara, convened in the small fishing village of Nazaré, Portugal to ride the behemoth swells. The waves almost proved to be too big to ride, nearly taking the life of Brazilian surfer, Maya Gabeira. Luckily, fellow Brazilian, Carlos Burle, managed to rescue and revive her. He then proceeded to shatter the record books, riding a wave estimated over 100 ft tall.

The 2014 Freeride World Tour Teaser

Now that the World Series is over, it’s time to shift our gaze to the next world-class competition. And luckily, this one actually steps outside the States to earn its title as an international event. Yep—we’re talking about the Swatch Freeride World Tour by The North Face. We’re pretty sure you win some sort of prize for simply having the patience to pronounce the event’s full title. Nonetheless, this little teaser for the FWT reminds us of why we love the event. Each stop is filled with a healthy dose of full throttle lines, cartilage-ripping falls, and solid hucks. Enjoy the teaser and start getting stoked for this year’s tour.

Saga's Fast Food App

One of our favorite brands, Saga Outerwear, just dropped the video for their Fast Food app. We're not really sure what the Fast Food App is all about, but we're backing it simply because this edit is so damn awesome. There's flames, there's fire, there's a rally-car, and most importantly, there's fast food. Oh and Tim D.

Backcountry Moose

Here in the deep wilds of Wyoming, moose are about as common as housecats. On the hiking trail, by the road, on the road, across the street, and even in our parking lot. They’re everywhere! But while we have always had respect for the power and size of these long-legged mountain dwellers, we had no idea they could charge waist-deep pow as hard as Ian Mac can. So if there’s a moose on your skin track this winter, chances are they’re gonna snake your line, too.

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