Last Call: An Insane Avalanche, Angel Collinson on Freeskiing, McConkey Reborn, and Kiteboarding in the Middle of Nowhere

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Holy Fucking Shit—Look at This Avalanche

We don't know what else to say.

Angel Collinson on Freeskiing

In this Black Diamond edit, 24-year-old TGR athlete Angel Collinson describes what freesking means to her. Angel says, “Time in the backcountry progresses my skiing in a lot of ways. When you’re hiking for every vertical foot you really appreciate going down. You know, every turn you make, every feature you hit, every tree you ski by is almost more meaningful because it’s so much more work to get there.” And we agree.

McConkey Reborn

Is this a worthy tribute to Shane and his antics—or a crew full of misguided idiots? We'll let you decide.

More Core Than Thou

What is remarkable and heart-breaking about living in a place like Jackson Hole is that for however cool you think you are for being an active outdoorsy person, someone else is doing something leagues more intense than you are--and in an activity you don't even know about. Point in case: while I was proud of myself this week for suffering through the hour-long Mount Glory bootpack a couple times at dawn before work to ski powder, Will Taggart and his friends were skinning several miles into some part of the Wyoming backcountry I'll never see to snowcamp and spend a couple days climbing up untracked peaks and over entire forests with their snowkites. I guess that's why I've been so curious about alternative winter sports like snow biking lately. Starting from scratch in a bizarre new sport, instead of carrying on in the one I continue to suck at, sounds like a surer recipe for happiness in this eden of insane athleticism.

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