Last Call: Boarding in the Cranberry Bog, Ghost Riding, and the Otter Body

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Cranberry Wakeskating

Cranberries are making a comeback. No, we're not talking about the sleazy nineties band, we're talking about the actual fruit. The creative minds over at Red Bull Media House, in conjunction with Horner Pictures, just dropped a fiery edit that highlights wakeskating in a cranberry bog. We're not totally sure how they pulled this off, but it's awesome and makes us thirsty for more.


Yep, there is no one driving that boat. Apparently, there is a name for it as well . . . ghost riding. Probably not something we would try, but this dude pulls it off. And it’s a rad edit. All we have to say is this guy better be able to swim fast if he falls.

The Otter Kind

This brief film pulls back the curtain on one of America's most classic ski descents--the Otter Body route on the Grand Teton. Even if this thing isn't in your backyard, watch the film.

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