Last Call: CRJ, Hauling Ass on a Longboard, and Crankworx Best Trick

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Welcome to Last Call. Dropping every Friday, this column serves as a wrap-up of our favorite stories and videos from the week—some old, some new, but all worthy of attention.

Crankworx 2013 Best Trick

It's Friday. We know you aren't doing any work, so feast your eyes on this awesome action from Crankworx 2013. Everyone loves a good bail and this edit from the Best Trick showdown is chock-full of them. There's also plenty of stomps, including Mike Montgomery's winning backflip bar-hop to tailwhip—the first one ever landed on a bike. Yeah, it's badass and a must-see.

CRJ: The Chronicle of a Freeskiing Icon

We're stoked for the full documentary on CR Johnson's life. Needless to say, the trailer further wets our appetite. Stoke and style . . . CRJ was the man.

Hauling Ass on a Longboard

Wow...where's some gravel when you need it. Even if longboarding isn't your thing, you can appreciate the effects of gravity as these dudes haul ass. Spoiler alert: no one gets run over by the Ford Focus.


Using extra footage from Way of the Ocean, Matt Kleiner assembled a short film, Sustenance. It's definitely worth a watch. Short, sweet, and subtle.

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