Last Call: Jeremy Jones Taps the Rockies, Teahupoo, Videograss The Last Ones

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Welcome to Last Call. Dropping every Friday, this column serves as a wrap-up of our favorite stories and videos from the week—some old, some new, but all worthy of attention.

Tapping the Rockies--Jeremy Jones Style

Ladies and gents, football season is upon us. Inevitably, it brings plenty of annoying and repetitive commercials. Fortunately, this year there's one commercial we won't be getting sick of. During the 2013 NFL season opener where the Broncos slaughtered the Ravens, a Coors Light ad captured our attention. It features Jeremy Jones, Coors Light, an avalanche and an oddly placed Jason Aldean—yes, it's a bit random, but we're backing it. Since we'll be bombarded with tons of beer ads during this meathead season, they might as well be snowboarding beer ads, especially with our dude Jeremy Jones. If you missed it, check it out here.

Inside the Monster

This will be the craziest surf video you will see all week—from both inside and outside the wave. It dishes out a combination of the world’s best riders, gnarliest waves and most fearless cinematographers. How far will these adrenaline-drunk junkies go?

The Last Ones

Videograss never disappoints. The trailer for The Last Ones delivers a healthy dose of urban riding complemented by some backcountry booters. Once again, VG provides a solid blend of up-and-coming rippers and dudes who have already earned their status as legends. We're especially stoked to see what Scott Stevens has in store. His creativity is always refreshing. But then again, most of the VG riders bring a fresh perspective to the snow and streets.

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