Last Call: Massive Avalanche, New Hampshire Road Gap, Powder and Pillows, Surfing in Maine

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Huge Avalanche At Steven's Pass

After what has been supposedly the 2nd snowiest February in 50 years, this enormous controlled avalanche, set off by explosive high on the ridge, released and as you can see, brought down a TON of trees with it. Those coastal snowpacks tend to settle and stabilize relatively quickly, but certainly not quickly enough to handle the 342“ season total so far, as most of that has fallen in recent weeks.

Does Maine Hold The Key To Surfing's Soul?

“Winter in Maine” and “surf culture” aren't two concepts that are obviously connected. With fickle waves, grey skies, and water temps dipping below 40 degrees, it's not the spitting image of a sought-after surf locale. But this loose edit about the McDermott brothers, who shape boards for the boys at Ski The East and a small following of New England lip smashers, makes it almost look like casual fun. Trying to keep it core? You may just want a winter rental in York, Maine and a 10'6“ longboard.

New Hampshire Road Gap

Speaking of the East, Conway, New Hampshire may not be of TGR's hit-list of go-to backcountry jumping spots, but that doesn't mean the locals can't take advantage of a wild winter and jump over the local roads. The Mt. Baker road gap it ain't, but throwing a laid-out backflip over two lanes of pavement is no joke.

Bryan Fox: Powder and Pillows

Bryan Fox surely found a good thing. And needless to say, the resulting edit is definitely worth a watch. Whether you appreciate Powder and Pillows for its namesake elements, Bryan Fox’s riding, or the cinematography, it will make you smile—and perhaps pack your bags and buy a sled.


Quiksilver has a knack for showcasing sick talent and premium cinematography—and this is no exception. On some levels, it serves as a backcountry counterpart to the brand’s collaboration with The Berrics, QUIK—which features Austyn Gillette skating the streets of L.A. Beautiful, haunting, inspiring—whatever you call it, it’s worth embracing.


Leo Zuckerman shot this beautiful video for to win the Intersection video competition up at Whistler/Blackcomb's World Ski & Snowboard Festival. There's a few cameos by Co-Lab stars Nick McNutt, Jordan Clarke, and Essox Prescott, a pretty wild sledding scene, and a host of great cinematography and creative editing going on to get you looking at the mountain differently this weekend.

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