Last Call: Pep Fujas, Redefining Rock Skiing, Eric Jackson, and Fans Worth Fearing

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Pep Fujas for Your Health

Patagonia made a big move when it went out and snatched Pep Fujas from the reigns of Oakley's outerwear program. Like Eric Pollard, Pep is a guy you could watch do a 720 tail eight hundred times and it would make skiing look like the best shit ever every time. Joining the growing trend of hike-only backcountry film trips during this outing to AK with Sweetgrass, it just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing Pep slayed each line and stomped every jump with the same consistent and flawless style even though he had to walk every foot of vert he careened down, and without the benefit of some featherweight Dynafit setup.

Redefining Rock Skis

Ollivier Bres sounds like a badass. His resume includes high mountain guide, firefighter, helicopter pilot, rally car racer... need I continue? Here he decides to show us that you don't necessarily need snow to ski and takes rock skiing to a whole new level.

Welcome: Eric Jackson

Despite now wearing a tracksuit when snowboarding, Eric Jackson is undoubtedly on top of his game. For proof, check out the extended video Adidas crafted to welcome him to its team. Far behind the heels of Nike’s (second) debut in the shred scene, Adidas has had some stumbles along the way—including several years of soft launches and, arguably, outerwear a little too heavily inspired by Adidas’s heritage. Nonetheless, it definitely hit a home run with snagging a team of heavy hitters that not only includes EJack, but also Jake Blauvelt, Keegan Valaika, Kazu Kakubo, Helen Schettini, and Forest Bailey. And, in addition to a solid team, the brand nailed it with its latest edits. They tell compelling stories (like E-Jack overcoming countless injuries and emerging from his brother’s shadow), effectively document snowboarding’s history, and fuel progression. Don’t be alarmed by this edit being sixteen minutes—every second is time well spent.

Snow is Overrated

Turns out you don't need snow to ski. Well, at least for these guys…They ski on pretty much everything except fresh pow. Skateboards, dirt, rocks, docks, mud, lakes, urban fountains—you name it. Not how we prefer to get down, but hey, they're doing it!

Fear the Fans

Groupies are a magical thing. Every sport has them—but some sports have more overtly obsessed fans than others. Skating, for example, has massive amounts of superfans. These people of all ages know everything about their fave skaters, and go to great lengths to see their favorite dirtbags in person. We knew skater groupies were crazy, but we had no idea they were actually this insane. In this new video from Girl & Chocolate, the interviewer trolls the parking lot of a skate contest and interviews the most outrageous fans. Skip to the 3:5o mark for the best skate fans of all time. Seriously, just watch. People like this exist. Maybe you're one of them? A little secret, our new Associate Editor, Dunfee, has an out of control obsession with Simon Dumont. Weird, we know.

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