Last Call: Slomo Bladin', Jeremy Jones Bikes, Dreamy Euro Pow

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Welcome to Last Call. Dropping every Friday, this column serves as a wrap-up of our favorite stories and videos from the week—some old, some new, but all worthy of attention.

The Story of Slomo The Pacific Beach Blader

The New York Times made a sweet short documentary about Dr. John Kitchin aka "Slomo," who was inspired to leave his job as a wealty doctor to "fly" to the rhythm of music while cruising on rollerblades down the Pacific Beach boardwalk in San Diego. The inspiration? Sitting in line for lunch behind a 90-year old man who had piled enough food on his plate for a college football player. When asked how he could eat so much for "such a healthy young man," the elderly gentleman's response was simple and powerful: "Do what you want."

Jackson Hole Gaper Day Big Air

If you didn't catch Social Media Editor Joni McGregor's Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, this video from professional filmer Jake Strassman, set to the legendary '90s jam "Free Falling," pretty much captures it.

Dreamy Euro POV Pow from The Mags

One of our TGR forum members from Europe, sqikunst, made this heartening video of him and a buddy skiing some slow-motion low-angle untracked pow on the slopes of Stubai, Austria. It's nothing that's going to win any awards for gnarly action, but the product of skiing powder in slow motion with some smooth camera work only inches away is as close to art as sliding on two goofy sticks will ever be.

Jeremy Jones Shreds A Mountain Bike!

...well, not the Jeremy Jones you know and love (Big Mountain Jeremy Jones). This is actually Jibber Jeremy Jones blasting his local trails around Salt Lake City last fall, and for a guy that mostly does crazy pop shuv-its down stairsets on a snowboard, he sure knows how to throw around a 29'er!

We Don't Always Post Park Edit, But When We Do...

...they usually involve double backflips gapping over halfpipes. Sweden's Jasper Tjader went for it over the biggest gap the insane course at the annual Nine Knights contest offered, which measured out at a clean 180 feet, with likely the same distance to the ground if you came up short.

You're Not Where You Think You Should Be

Hong Kong. You know, that place where they filmed the Rush Hour movies. Damn Chris Tucker is a funny ass dude! "Fifty million dollars? Man, who do you think you kidnapped? Chelsea Clinton?" At any rate, it's probably not high on your list as far as mountain biking destinations go. But as this artful video from the gang at Bike Magazine shows, it just might should be.

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