Last Call: The Big Mountain Enduro Series, People Are Awesome, and Playing with Legos

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Welcome to Last Call. Dropping every Friday, this column serves as a wrap-up of our favorite stories and videos from the week—some old, some new, but all worthy of attention.

The Big Mountain Enduro Series

The Big Mountain Enduro Series kicked off this year in Angel Fire, New Mexico, and to be honest, it makes me want to get off the couch. Having raced enduros at Angel Fire in the past, I know just how gnarly it can be. The real news here is that there is finally a race series out there that is designed for people who like to ride bikes more than race. Intrigued? Check out the rest of the series calendar here.

People are Awesome: Joni Thinks So

The video we picked for this week's wrap was all-time, so much so, that it was pulled from Vimeo at the last minute. So in a last attempt to get something cool up on the site, we stumbled upon the latest edition of "People are Awesome." We showed the video to our social media guru, Joni, and asked for her thoughts on it.

The conversation is as follows:

Joni: Omgee! You found a "People are Awesome" video? I love those videos!

HH: Oh really? You love them?

Joni: I mean, I don't really love them, but I really liked the one I saw last time. I mean, I don't really watch them, but the last one I saw was cool.

So what is this "People are Awesome" video all about? Click above and check it out.

Legos and Powder

Hands-down, Oxburger Studios has released 2013’s best stop motion edit involving Lego skiers. In addition to offering beautiful cinematography, the film parodies so many filmmaking clichés within the ski industry. Yet the one-minute film is likely to resonate with viewers on an even deeper level. Who hasn’t crafted an entire world from a bucket of Legos and an ambitious imagination? Embrace your inner child—this thing will make you smile.

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