Last Call: Tom Dugan, Extreme Commuting, Van Life, and The Co-Lab

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Welcome to Last Call. Dropping every Friday, this column serves as a wrap-up of our favorite stories and videos from the week—some old, some new, but all worthy of attention.

The Best Way to Use a Minivan

Spotted on The Comeup, this release of Tom Dugan’s part in Empire BMX’s Bad Idea has nothing to do with anything on your radar except for the fact that it’s straight up wild. Dugan goes enormous every chance that he gets, never thinks once about safety, and looks like a street pirate. I know at TGR we’re supposed to be about state of the art filming and shit, but this is straight up real, and for that it’s worth a watch.

Adventures in Public Transport

Snowboarding can sometimes be considered “high-intensity” or “action-packed,” but compared to a normal day at the San Francisco BART station, snowboarding is pretty damn dull. SF is filled with riotous junkies, often seen spewing profanities in several locations around the city—most notably the Tenderloin District and BART rail stations. This occurs much to the dismay of many commuters.

A riled up druggie on a mission is always going to be more intense and action-packed than snowboarding will ever be. Take for example the video above. Here, a naked man parades through the 16th Street BART station, performing both scare tactics and acrobatics in front of a bunch people hurrying along their way. From judo-chops to headstands to a few awkward cartwheels and snarls, this dude and his antics are a helluva a lot more “intense” and “action-packed” than snowboarding can ever hope to be.


With help from her trusty blue van, Boris, Petra Albrecht has traveled through Europe, Mongolia, Russia, and North America. Filmmakers Erik Doty and Yorick Leusink caught up with Petra just outside Yellowstone. The film will make you want to heed the call of the open road.

The Co-Lab

Whether terrorizing the streets or laying down lines in Alaska, skiers logged countless hours this winter to create edits for TGR’s Co-Lab. Open to the public, this contest aims to showcase the freshest talent in freeskiing.

TGR just unveiled these Co-Lab edits, kicking off the window for public voting. Urban missions? Road gaps? Broken femurs? Rabid wolverines attacking skiers? These edits promise something for everyone.

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