Last Call: Wakeboarding Behind a Plane, Ace Hayden, The Dream of Life, and Sean Jordan

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Welcome to Last Call. Dropping every Friday, this column serves as a wrap-up of our favorite stories and videos from the week—some old, some new, but all worthy of attention.

Wakeboarding Behind a Plane

Yep, you read that title right. Bernhard Hinterberger is a crazy man. He's a world champion cable wakeboarder, but those accolades weren't enough. He wanted to become the first person to wakeboard behind a plane.

Why? We're not quite sure, but the result was awesome. Hinterberger made the trek to the legendary Po River in Italy to make this miraculous feat happen. When asked about what it was like to wakeboard behind a plane, Hinterberger said, “The biggest challenge was the extreme speed at which the plane pulled me across the water. Wakeboards are normally meant for speeds of around 30 to 40 km/h, but today we never went any slower than 80 to 100 km/h, as the plane needs a lot of speed to stay in the air. Because wakeboards aren't built for such speeds, the board started to bend. This is due to the high frictional resistance. When you are going this fast you can't even use the board's edges because the water is as hard as rock. Riding behind the 'Savage' lightweight airplane at such terrific speed certainly was an unforgettable experience!”

Whoa, nice work Hinterberger.

The Dream of Life

Although this may not be the first edit to feature stunning videography dubbed by an inspirational speech, this video will do the trick if you’re feeling a little down in the dumps today. Originality aside, this Alan Watts narrated film showcases the beauty of life and the planet we live on and will make you want to go out and do something you love.

Ace Hayden Rocks Out Top to Bottom

There may be a definite feeling of fall in the air, with winter rapidly approaching, but there is still plenty of time to get out and rip the brown stuff before the snow sets in and the skis come out. Ace Hayden, does just that and takes advantage of the British Columbia summer. He absolutely tears it up in this top to bottom bike edit. If this doesn’t get you stoked for the weekend, then we don’t know what will.

Sean Jordan's Street Part from Stept's Mutiny

Set to a solid soundtrack, Sean Jordan's edit reminds us that handrails aren't just for the elderly and that public sculpture can please more than just the eyes.

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