Lee Wilson Scores Big Nias Barrels

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Indo Indo Indo… why must you be so far away? It’s one of the reasons I’m so envious of Australians. Sydney to Bali for them is like Boston to Denver for me. Ok, maybe it’s a little longer, but you get my point that Australians have it good! Anyways, that's for another time. Lee Wilson is half Indonesian and half Australian, which according to my calculations means he’s one of the best surfers in the world and you’ve still probably never heard of him. That might be because he’s been shacked up in Bali for a couple of years now crushing every swell to hit that magical little island.

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When he heard Nias was firing, which is no doubt one of the gnarliest waves Indo has to offer, he packed his bags and sent it to Sumatra. The draining right-hander is kind of like Indo’s very own Teahupo’o; it crushes boats and intimidates the legends. It’s not an easy wave to master, which is why we give Lee Wilson all the credit in the world for making it look so easy. This video doesn't exactly make Nias seem inviting, but it sure makes it look scary!

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