Life in Focus - E04 Christian Pondella

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f-stop’s collaborative effort with our team of photographers and filmers is an essential part of who we are and what we do. Working with industry leading professionals to help design and build the ultimate camera packs and bags is an ongoing endeavor that has shaped the brand and company we are today.

In an effort to give back to our f-stop Pro Team and photo/film community, we’ve set out to tell the story of our team photographers and filmers. Episode 4 of ‘Life in Focus’ features long time f-stop Pro and action/sports photographer, Christian Pondella.

Christian’s unique story and skill set separates him from the rest of the action/sports community. Putting himself in difficult to reach locations and high risk access points are the name of his game; often leading to unique photos and perspectives never seen before. From cliff diving to ice climbing, ski mountaineering to mountain biking, he’s captured it all.

With the latest addition to the Pondella family, Christian now balances his time out in the field, and home with his wife and son. As one of the main photographers for Red Bull USA for the last 13 years, he’s documented a number of events from Felix Baumgartner’s record setting space jump, to Brandon Semenuk’s decent down the steep lines at Rampage.

Outside of Red Bull, Christian serves as a senior photographer for Powder Magazine. His work has been published in nearly every major ski publication around the globe, as well as Outside Magazine, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Maxim, and a number of others.

In this episode, Christian shows us how it all started and what he does on his days off.

Special Thanks to Christian Pondella ( &

Skier: Bernard Rosow

Climbers: Ryan Boyer and Brett Lotz

Video & Editing: Cameron Sylvester

Motion Graphics: Chad Jones & Cameron Sylvester


May it be a Sweet Sound – Adam Pasion

Josh Garrels – The Resistance

Location: Mammoth Lakes, California

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