Limited Edition Jeremy Jones Signature Tee & Jones Snowboards Flagship Giveaway

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September 22, 2010

Teton Village, WY - This month's limited edition Signature Tee Series features a design inpired by snowboarder Jeremy Jones. The shirt, designed exclusively for TGR and Jeremy, is inspired by years of endless powder in Alaska. Jeremy's tee is exclusively available in our shop. Each customer who buys the Jeremy Jones tee will be automatically entered to win a Jones Flagship Snowboard. Jeremy will pick the winner via "Live from the Field" on Wednesday, October 6 at 12 PM MST.

The Jeremy Jones Signature Tee is the second in a new monthly series of limited edition athlete-designed t-shirts. Last month's Sage Signature Tee sold out in under a week and Spencer Long was the tee's Atomic Atlas Ski Giveaway winner. Be sure to get one of Jeremy’s Signature Tees while they last!


Will Hagna in the Jeremy Jones Signature TEE

**Jeremy Jones Signature Tee**

Detail Front - Jeremy Jones Signature Tee

**Close-up of Jeremy Jones Signature Tee**

Detail Sleeve - Jeremy Jones Signature Tee**Sleeve Detail**

Jeremy Jones Signature Tee

**Detail of Jeremy Jones Signature Tee**

Jones Snowboards Flagship

**Jones Snowboards Flagship Model.**

In Jeremy's words:

Stepping into the mountains you never know what you're going to encounter. The first two turns may be waist deep followed by ice through the crux and chop in the outrun. The Flagship is my go-to board for fast and confident freeriding in any conditions. I have designed this board with directional rocker and a blunted nose to keep the tip up in the deepest of snow, camber underfoot and Magne-Traction for edging on ice, a longer radius sidecut for speed and railing turns, a shortened running length for maneuverability in tight spaces, and a freestyle tail to land switch in powder. This board has no speed limit and no boundaries. This is the Flagship of our line and my life's work - the ultimate freeride board. Don't be surprised if you find yourself thanking this board at the bottom of a line.


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