Live in the Here and Now: Review of 4Frnt's latest ski film

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The main feature of the South Lake Tahoe premiere was: Here and Now by 4Frnt skis. To read specifically about the event go here. Otherwise, look below for the full review of the film.

Ryan Cribbin showing off the new 4Frnt Skis at the premiere Ryan Cribbin showing off the new 4Frnt Skis at the premiere

It’s always good to push the envelope on what is considered possible on a pair of skis, but personally, I think the cinematography is more important. This is especially true when social media allows someone to see tricks being landed minutes after it has happened.

So, what do I look for in a great ski or snowboard flick?

  • Will I want to watch the film again?
  • Is it just a bunch of tricks, snow porn, or like a Hollywood movie?
  • Does it make me want to go out and ski/snowboard?
  • Does it highlight the type of personality the skiers/snowboarders have?

There is a fine line that directors of ski films need to balance for a movie to be great, and Here and Now hits it out of the park with their film – From introducing the type of character each Pro represents to sticking with their social media theme and doing little things like dropping Google pins to show on-site locations such as Revelstoke, BC or Park City, UT. Even the transitions from person to person gives a seamless feel to it and gets you excited for the next part. It’s a great mixture of seriously scary lines to slopes that look fun and you can envision yourself doing. The most mind blowing part of the entire film though, from a skiing standpoint, was seeing David Wise float a massive air off a hip to make the new world record of 14.2 meters! My personal favorite part was the snowmobile backcountry section in Utah where one of the Pros calls the other one to meet at the trailhead. The camaraderie and “feel” of the entire section reminds me of how ski/snowboard trips are with your friends. To me, it seems that this is the most balanced film of the year from terrain, culture, and pushing the envelope. And the best part is that its now FREE to download!

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