"Lost and Found" Edit Season

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Every spring when the snow starts to melt, pants are replaced with boardies and boots with flip flops. Cameras are flown back from around the world to Wyoming. While most people are out enjoying the summer fun, we're still focused on skiing, deep in powder, spinning off cliffs. Often times we work ourselves into a late night haze. Long evenings are spent arguing over how legit a shot is or what song works best.

Throughout the summer most of the featured athletes come through the TGR edit suite to work on their segments. Dana Flahr drives down from Whistler, Erik Roner stops in a few times (I think mostly for Pica's mexican food), Dylan Hood catches a few good couch waves, and Sage never drives in without his mountain bike.

We like to think that we're working our asses off, and sometimes sitting in an edit suite with no windows isn't fun. But, once the movie is finally done, we all sit back, cheers, have a swig, and enjoy our own private premiere of Lost and Found.

-Tate MacDowell

** Sage sourcing some tracks**

** Roner pops in for a few days. Always satisfied with the progress.**

** Sage and Dylan:
toy gun, a must have edit suite prop.**

** Dana Flahr is in there somewhere with Jack (edit bay 1)**

** Dana stoked for his first natty bath experience**

** the boys of summer: Nielsen (supervising producer), Hood, Herriger (cine) dropping in to a phat natty bath**

** TGR bathroom: we haven’t had house cleaners in over 2 months. Quidado dude!**

** Eric Hansen: Places the finishing touches on Lost and Found**

** Fresh air break: Josh Nielson, Eric Hansen, myself, and Scott Fisher**

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