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In this edition of Lust, we put the spotlight on Guerrilla Gravity, an up and coming bike company based right here in the US of A. That's right—these bikes are handmade in the states. We hit up Will Montague, el Presidente of the grassroots operation, for the lowdown on what makes Guerrilla Gravity a possible go-to for your next mountain bike. Get into it, chumps.

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What is Guerrilla Gravity and why should we care?

Guerrilla Gravity is a rider-direct mountain bike manufacturer. We make our bikes right here in Denver, Colorado! You should care because we're here to make mountain biking more awesome.

How long have you guys been around?

We got started about two and half years ago. The first two years were spent entirely designing, prototyping, and testing. In addition to designing our own frame, we also had to design the production processes too, connecting all of the dots necessary to manufacture locally.

Team GG

Who makes up the crew?

The core crew is Matt Giaraffa, Kristy Anderson, and myself. Matt is our chief engi-nerd. He's a mechanical engineer that has designed racecars and airplanes previously, so the bikes that he designs are absolutely top notch—and good at going fast. Kristy brings a lot of sales experience, networking skills, and a ton of passion to get more people riding bikes. I'm the guy who geeks out on the business and marketing stuff. Also part of the crew are some awesome significant others and friends that have been critical to helping us get things off the ground.

What sets you apart from other bike companies?

The three main things that set us apart are our rider-direct model, Colorado-based manufacturing, and community-driven approach.

By being rider-direct we can connect with riders one-on-one, make our bikes a little bit less expensive, and offer fully customizable build kits, so riders get exactly what they want.

Colorado-based manufacturing has all kinds of benefits, but, sticking with lists of three, the most relevant ones are supporting the local economy, increased quality, and the ability to offer all kinds of rad frame colors.

Through our community-driven approach we want to drive the company to make mountain biking—specifically gravity riding—more awesome. Trail advocacy, grassroots events, and efforts that encourage new ridership are the big three components to the plan. The details of these plans are always shaped by the feedback we get from riders. So if you have an idea, let us know! And the more bikes you guys buy, the more awesome things you help make happen.

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What makes Guerrilla Gravity bikes so unique?

We manufacture mountain bikes that are optimized for the fun part of riding—going down the hill.

Our bikes are unique in their level of refinement. We start with our requirements for a bike--fun to ride, latterly stiff, progressive leverage curve, solid pedaling characteristics, easy to tune, easy to maintain, long-lasting--and then achieve them in the least-complex package possible. We’re not a fan of the direction that’s common in the bike industry that says “make something more complicated and let the marketers spin it as an improvement.”

Where in Colorado are they produced?

The Dirty D! [Denver] In-house we do welding, tube bending, tube notching, and final assembly. We also work with three local machine shops, a tube bender, powder coat shop, and testing facility that are all in the metro area, as well.

Race GG

What is the best type of terrain to get wild on a Guerrilla Gravity bike?

Our current model, the GG/DH, is quite versatile in the fact that you can build it up with parts best suited for bike park riding or a burlier, full-on downhill race build kit.

How can we get our hands on one and how long will it take?

You can order them from our website. You start by putting your deposit down, then we sort out what, if any, build kit you want. You can also purchase just the frame, without a shock. We only have a couple frames left from our spring/early-summer production batch, so lead time is only 2-3 weeks if you get one of those. We're doing a second late-season batch that will start being delivered towards the end of summer.

GG Bike

Do you have a Guerrilla Gravity team? If so, how does one get on it?

There's an opt-in Racer Program that anyone who rides one of our bikes can take advantage of. So, if you ride a Guerrilla Gravity bike, you’re on the team and we’re going to hook you up for getting out there and racing!

We also have our BAMF (Brand Ambassador and Motivate Freeseller) program. These folks help us get the word out in the community. If you're heavily involved in your local community, shoot us an email about the BAMF program,

What is new and in the pipeline for Guerrilla Gravity this season?

The most new thing is that we’re actually selling bikes to the public and the feedback has been truly amazing!

The biggest thing in the pipeline at the moment is an aggressive trail bike. Follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on that project. We're also preparing to move into a facility that'll be open to the public and have a retail component, as well.

Do you have any sweet edits?

Why, yes, yes we do. Check it out.

Guerrilla Gravity - Trevor Shreds the GG/DH at Angel Fire Mountain Bike Park from RideGG on Vimeo

All photos courtesy of Guerrilla Gravity

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