Macedonia Ski-BASE Jump - Behind The Line: Season 4 Epsiode 8

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Erik Roner has BASE jumped and ski-BASE jumped all over the world. In Behind The Line Season 4 Episode 8, Roner ski-BASE jumps in Macedonia - a place where no ski-BASE has ever before been recorded. As it turns out, TGR's Macedonia guide, Nano, is a BASE jumper. However, he's never ski-BASE jumped before. Reversing roles, Roner teaches Nano how to ski-BASE jump, sending it off a huge cliff. Behind The Line is a series where we feature a unique line, jump, or session from the filming of TGR's 2011 ski film, One For The Road. Watch as athletes take a look back at these insane moments and discuss them, providing an in depth look Behind The Line of One For The Road.Music Courtesy of Small Stone "Soul Digger" by Five Horse Johnson on The Last Men on Earth (Instrumental Version) "Dimensional Orbiter" by Iota on Tales – Instrumental Mixes Click Here To Watch More Behind The Line Episodes

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