Machado Gives a Sneak Peak at His New Firewire Surfboard

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It's not uncommon to see Rob Machado pull up to Seaside Reef in Cardiff with a new and interesting surfboard or two. Typically you'll see his rusted out 1970's Dodge Van pull into the vast parking lot and a few of the local crew will pop their heads in to see what Rob has cooking.

At this point Rob's van has become almost as recognizable as his hair. On this particular day, Rob was a bit off kilter when he pulled in driving a Nissan Pickup, but the R&D boards in the bed were still a constant. Here Rob is testing out a new design he's been working on called "The Glaser" named after longtime friend a photographer Todd Glaser. (If you've ever wondered if Rob is a nice guy, apparently he's the kind of friend that will name surfboards after you.)

Although this board looks like a ton of fun, my sources tell me that The Glaser might not be available until 2024. Until then, you're just going to have to make due with Rob's other designs.

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