Mason Mashon and Rory Bushfield Expand Their Teepee Empire Deep Into BC Glaciers

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As you may remember, Mason Mashon has built a bit of a reputation for his teepee adventures in the backcountry. Well now, Mashon and his good friend Rory Bushfield are expanding their empire, with a focus on mobility, utilizing Bushfield's glacier-capable Cessna to access some of the most remote terrain in British Columbia and set up shop there.

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“Part of my long-term plan was to be more flexible,” Mashon, told Orage about his goal to add more tents to his network of backcountry teepees. “I want be more prepared with a variety of different locations.”

When looking for untouched terrain, it never hurts to have a Cessna at your disposal. Photo: Courtesy of Mason Mashon/Orage

Mashon told Orage that he and Bushfield's plan revolves a simple, innate desire to find the best snow and be able to head out to it at a moment's notice to get to it.

“Last year was an anomaly, both in terms of the quality snow and how low in elevation it came.” He continues. “Who knows? Maybe this year it won’t even turn on at that elevation. We will have to see.”

So far, his plan seems to be working. So head over to to see how he and Bushfield are expanding their tent adventures, and then start Googling "how to build a teepee."

There's no such thing as lift lines out here. Photo: Courtesy of Mason Mashon/Orage

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