Mick Fanning Talks About the Time Andy Irons Destroyed a Laptop Over a Game of Poker

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There's an old quote that you will often hear attributed to any one of a number of historically great athletes, that posits "I hate to lose more than I love to win."

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The quote (which was actually uttered by tennis icon Jimmy Connors) has been attributed to everyone from Michael Jordan to Pete Rose, and cuts to the core of competitive nature: Truly great athletes tend to be obsessed with winning, often times at the detriment of their social abilities.

And that competitive fire was very much present in Andy.

"Yeah, I remember when I used to beat my brother a lot in the amateur Menehunes and boys and I remember this one time I beat him, I got first, he got second, and he was so pissed off," Bruce Irons told TGR about his brother's competitive fire. "I remember he took the trophy and he ran down the beach, and stuck the thing in the tree, the second place trophy, like so pissed off that I beat him, he just stuck it in the tree and left it there. "

"He always wanted to be the best surfing like, no matter what he was doing, he wanted to be the best, whatever it was," Bruce said. "Even when we were playing soccer, ping pong, or whatever, very, very competitive."

"It was like there was two sides to Andy. There was the side where you're on the beach and you're friends and you're high-fiving and talking rubbish and just joking around all the time, and then as soon as the hooter went or you're paddling out for a heat, it just switched," Mick Fanning said of Andy's competitive side. "It looked like he wanted to kill you and the words that he'd speak, it was like he wanted to kill you. And it was just like... I couldn't figure it out at first. I was like, "Does this guy even like me? Or is he just sorta being nice and then he just rattles me? I just couldn't figure it out, that's how he was. And then as soon as the hooter went, if he won, it was back to big hugs and high-fives and stuff and then if he lost, don't even go near him."

Obviously, that competitive fire lead to Andy winning back-to-back-to-back world titles. But, sometimes, it had it's downsides, like if you were relying on Andy's laptop to provide the movies during a surf trip to Fiji.

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