Mind Surfing through Mexico

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Ode to International Women's Month coming up!

I recently went on a trip with some lady-friends to Mexico, a good friend of mine has a house right along the beach of San Jose del Cabo so I packed up my swimsuit and caught a flight South to meet up with Carolyn. Our loose plan was to paint & draw the local flowers and beach landscapes, as well as surf on the “Zippers” shore – Zippers is known for having tight, playful, rip curls along the point break of the beach. I actually heard about this surfing location from a customer of mine, he recommended the swell and waves for this time of year (Feb/March) so I had been wanting to check this spot out for months.

I look to my female friends to re-charge and re-connect with my feminine and artistic side of life. As a woman working in the outdoor industry, I often find myself being utilitarian and tom-boyish in my daily demeanor. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it evokes a different energy for me. Whereas, reconnecting with my badass lady crew down in Mexico to surf and paint was just the ticket I needed to re-charge after a long holiday retail season. Heaps of sunshine, surfing, dancing, tequila, guacamole, and watercolors does the soul good! Mahalo!

We laughed and danced along the beach with the sand in our toes and our hair matted with salt water. We drank Margaritas watching the sunset dip below the Pacific ocean and couldn’t be happier that so many brilliant ladies made the trek down here. I love the mentality of surf cultures, it slows down the pace from the hard-charging mountain life and really makes one be present in the moment. Surfing by nature is a very simplified, raw sport, you just need your swimsuit and a surfboard – and the rest is all about reading the waves. It truly makes you connect with nature as well as makes it easy to strip down the frivolous things in your life. When I think of the rad-tastic ladies I’ve met along my voyages – whether it’s surfing or climbing mountains or trail running, lady friends are the emotional sounding board I need to vibe with passions in the outdoors.

Wearing just a bathing suit and no shoes for almost a week didn’t hurt either :P.

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