New HBO Series on the Group of Teenagers Who Revolutionized Surfing

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Sometime during the late 1980’s in a small house behind Pipeline, Hawaii, back when Kelly Slater had a full head of hair and aerials were still a far-off concept, a group of the world’s most influential surfers lived like brothers, partied like animals and ultimately altered the notion of what it means to be a surfer. The motley crew of teenagers, which included Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, Benji Weatherley, Kalani Robb, Ross Williams, Taylor Steele and Pat O’Connell, came from all walks of life - some from broken homes, a few with established surfing careers, others who were just looking for a group of kids they could live with and depend on. They charged together, challenged each other, and mourned as a family when some didn't make it back to shore alive. They didn't know it at the time, but they changed the sport of surfing forever.

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Filmmakers Jeff and Michael Zimbalist have compiled two and a half years worth of filming, tens of thousands of hours of footage, and never before seen interviews to create Momentum Generation, an HBO Sports production set to air Tuesday, December 11th at 10 P.M. We’re pumped, the surf world is pumped, and you should be too.

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