New Speed World Record on Mont Blanc

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A new world record has been achieved - the fastest descent of the highest mountain in Western Europe - the undeniably massive Mont Blanc.

On September 4th, Nicolas Blanchard and David Bozon - two professional paragliders from Chamonix and creators of the EpicTV Chamonix Airways series - took on the challenge to descend Mont Blanc in the fastest time possible in hopes of beating the then-current 32-minute world record held by skiers Antoine Montegani and Nicolas Anthonioz.

The two paragliders summited Mont Blanc and hastily set up their speed flying kit. They took off, flew in a straight line to the paragliding landing field of the Savoy, raced to their bikes, hopped on and made it to the church in the centre of Chamonix in just over 15 minutes. This is the video of their amazing feat.

Can they be beaten? They don't think so. But that remains to be seen...

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