News: Chile's Puyehue Volcano Erupts As South American Ski Season Approaches

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Saturday afternoon Chile's Puyehue volcano erupted for the first time since 1960. The eruption has cause the evacuation of more than 3,500 people, closed the Argentina border and sent an ash plume 6 miles into the sky. This comes just before the winter season is about to start and with no known end to the eruption it's unclear how this will effect the area's snow season.

Check this Transworld Snowboarding and The North Face's video from Lucas Debari, DCP and Xavier De Le Rue's trip last September:

Additionally, here's video from Mark Abma, Chris Rubens, and Eric Hjorleifson's similar trip, as documented by Salmon Freeski TV:

The images and video coming from the volcano right now are shocking, The Daily mail out of Europe put together a pretty good compilation of photo's which can be found here.

Here's the story from the NZ Herald:

"An erupting Chilean volcano sent a plume of ash across South America, forcing thousands from their homes, grounding flights in southern Argentina and coating ski resorts with a gritty layer of dust.

Booming explosions echoed across the Andes as toxic gases belched from a 5km-long fissure in the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanic complex - a ridge between two craters west of the Chilean-Argentine border that began erupting at the weekend.

Winds blew a 10km-high cloud of ash to the Atlantic Ocean and into southern Buenos Aires, hundreds of kilometres northeast.

Authorities in Chile went house to house, persuading stragglers near the volcano to leave because of an increasing danger of toxic gas and flash floods.

By yesterday, about 4000 people had been evacuated. They began fleeing as swarms of earthquakes heralded the eruption and hundreds more fled."

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