News: Climber Dies From Mt Rainer Crevasse Fall

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From The Seattle Times:

A 33-year-old climber died after skiing into a crevasse Tuesday on Mount Rainier, according to a news release from Mount Rainier National Park.

Tucker Taffe was on the Nisqually Glacier at about 13,2000 feet Tuesday morning with three others, said park spokeswoman Patti Wold. He fell 100-150 feet, she estimated.

Another member of his climbing party skied down the mountain for help and found a group of 12 climbing guides in a training session, said Gordon Janow, director of programs for their organization, Alpine Ascent International.

At least two of the guides climbed up to the crevasse and contacted park rangers by radio at 10 a.m. At least one of the guides descended into the crevasse to retrieve the fallen climber and discovered he had died.

Rangers headed up to Camp Muir, a base at about 10,000 feet, to wait for the climbing party to return, Wold said. The three climbers were expected to stay there overnight to recover, she said.

The climbing party was independent and had no guide, Wold said.

Wold said it's common for climbers to bring skis with them so they can ski when the terrain permits, especially on their way down the mountain. It's unclear whether the climbing party was on its way up or down at the time of the accident, she said.

A team of four climbing rangers removed Taffe from the crevasse, and his body was airlifted off the mountain by helicopter, according to the park news release. Taffe is originally from New York, the release said.

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