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February 6, 2011

Kirkwood, California - The Eagle Bowl Banzai finals got off to a blustery start today and high winds over night destroyed most of what had been set up the day before. We did a quick clean up while Chair 10 was on wind hold then it was straight into the action.

Competitors gave it their all down the gnarly course and there were face plants, double ejections and bindings lost (much to the crowd’s delight). Determination paid off to the lucky few who placed at the end of the day with winners receiving up to $1500 cash for their efforts. Kirkwood was well represented with Freeride Team member Craig Garbiel placing 2nd in the men’s ski finals, and long time Kirkwood rider Marge Cossettini taking 1st place in the women’s snowboarders.

The Banzai Tour continues next month at Sugar Bowl where the best of the best will ultimately compete against Daron Rahlves himself!


Men’s Skiing
1. John Bocheneck
2. Craig Gabriel
3. Jesse Maddex

Men’s Snowboarding
1. Jayson Hale
2. Matt Clark
3. Rodney Folsom

Women’s Skiing
1. Keely Kelleher
2. Shelly Robertson
3. Shannon Ra

Women’s Board
1. Marge Cossettini
2. Jennifer McCready
3. Raelynd Tarnove

Kirkwood Eagle Bowl Banzai Results

Crossing The Finish Line

Kirkwood Eagle Bowl Banzai Results

Men's Snowboard Podium

 Kirkwood Eagle Bowl Banzai Results

Women's Ski Podium

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