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August 15, 2011

Teton Village, WY - Teton Gravity Research (TGR) is pleased to announce that RECCO, a long time supporter of TGR will sponsor the upcoming film One For The Road. One For The Road, TGR’s 2011 feature ski film, is scheduled to release September 17, 2011 giving viewers a look into the ultimate winter road trip.

RECCO, developed for avalanche rescue, is used by more than 600 rescue organizations worldwide to find buried avalanche victims. The RECCO Rescue System is a two-part technology. Ski resorts and rescue teams carry RECCO detectors which send out directional search signals. These signals are echoed by RECCO reflectors worn by skiers, riders, and other outdoors people.

“Avalanche safety, rescue knowledge, and effective equipment are extremely important to us,” said TGR Co-Founder Steve Jones “we appreciate the continued support of RECCO and are excited to have them back on board as a partner for One For The Road.”

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