News: Vote For Further And The Dream Factory For People's Choice Coldsmoke Award

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Coldsmoke Awards
Vote online for the Coldsmoke People’s Choice Video Award and be automatically entered to win a cat-skiing trip to Powder Mountain, near Whistler, B.C.

The People’s Choice Award is given to the film with the largest audience support and is determined by the film receiving the most online votes. The winning film is announced live at The Coldsmoke Awards on March 16th in Bozeman, MT and the filmmakers are awarded a $500 cash prize.

The Coldsmoke Awards celebrates winter culture by creating a space for innovative artists, dedicated athletes, and those inspired by life in the mountains. The festival is committed to fostering up and coming talent, as well as showcasing some of winter’s biggest names.

Most importantly, the Coldsmoke Awards could not exist without the support of the winter community and their willingness to celebrate the unique culture associated with playing in the cold. THANK YOU from the bottom of the trenches and the tops of the mountains.

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