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Way Of Life is now available on iTunes:

We talk a lot about the epic, the totally radical, and immaculately perfect moments on snow, dirt, and in the water here at TGR, but we know the hilarious and even embarrassing moment on snow we all suffer are as much a part of the way of life as the best pow day. That’s why we’re giving away FREE iTunes downloads of this year’s ski film, Way Of Life, to the best 3 captions of this incredible fall captured during the filming for Mind The Addiction, when an unnamed skier took a perfect backflip straight into the frontside of the landing of Chad’s Gap in Utah. The deadline to get your caption up (which should go in the comments below, by the way) as part of our #WayOfLifeCrisis caption contest is this Friday, November 1st, at Noon MST. At that point we’ll call the 3 winners and get in touch with a free iTunes download!

By the way, do you know that if you follow our Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, and register for the TGR forums, we’ll be hosting sepearate #WayOfLifeCrisis contests on all those platforms, too? Nothing like being able to spread your bets...

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