Nick Martini Hits Sketchy Death Rail - Behind The Line: Season 4 Episode 4

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Nick Martini and Rory Bushfield cruise around Iceland with the country's ministry of sport, jibbing everything in their path. Armed with a front-end loader and inspiration from the European island country, Martini hits a 35-foot "schetchy death rail" one snowy afternoon. Behind The Line is a series where we feature a unique line, jump, or session from the filming of TGR's 2011 ski film, One For The Road. Watch as athletes take a look back at these insane moments and discuss them, providing an in depth look Behind The Line of One For The Road. Click Here To Buy TGR Apparel | Click Here To Buy One For The Road On DVD | Click Here To Buy One For The Road On iTunesClick Here To Purchase The Award-Winning One For The Road Soundtrack

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