One Foot Storm to Hit Tahoe, Colorado Is Open, & the East Coast Sputters

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A view from the top of Killington. Killington photo

There is never a more optimistic time in a skier or snowboarder's life than the early part of winter season. The air is cold, gear is purchased, and daydreaming of powder days makes work impossible. If you haven't already clicked into your new skis in the living room, then you are not a true winter enthusiast. Here is a quick rundown of the snow rumors this weekend.

Has Tahoe's Salvation Begun?

A look at the snowfall this weekend in Tahoe. NOAA photo

It is no mystery that Tahoe and California are in need of an above average winter. With snowfalls well below normal, skiers and snowboarders cling to distant memories of pow days, or migrate to more shred-friendly climate. Will this be the season where redemption is achieved?

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Bryan Allegretto of reports, "above 8000 feet most of this storm should be snow and we could see 6-9 inches on the East side of the basin, 9-12 inches on the West side, with up to 15 inches West of the lake along the crest." This will not be a placid early season dump, with NOAA reporting wind speeds of 50 mph in the valley and 100 mph along the mountain tops.

Only time will tell if good fortune will fall unto Tahoe this winter.

Colorado Is Open for Business

Ripping a turn at opening day of Loveland. Lovelan photo

We have already notified you that Colorado chairs have started to spin at both A-Basin and Loveland. Let this serve as a reminder that if you live within any reasonable driving distance of this area, it is your civic duty as a winter sport lover to get your ass to the mountain. You are doing a disservice to the rest of us who don't have this privilege.

The East Coast Winter Gets Wet

Dropping the knee at Sunday River. Sunday River photo

The snow guns are pointed at trails across the East Coast as resorts like Killington and Sunday River have already delivered early season turns. Southern Vermont is feeling the swing of the fall season, so Killington will not be spinning lifts this weekend. With the New England Patriots playing the Thursday night game this week, there is no reason every single masshole with a pair of skis should not be getting drunk at Sunday River.

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