One of the Most Magical Lines of Erik Roner's Life

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Todd Jones would always send Erik Roner photos of cliffs from around the world. There was this one particular cliff in Haines that was preceded by a tight, exposed 800-foot couloir that Todd knew was perfect for Roner.

When Todd showed Roner the footage of the cliff, it was on. But not for a while, Roner sat on the footage for a few years. Surely, he dreamt about it, and labored over it in his head, until the time was finally right—and he wasn't even nervous.

He skied mighty no-fall jump turns down the couloir and took the leap. "It was one of the best days of our lives," Todd said. "For a couple hours on that one day, we pulled off the impossible."

This footage is among some of the most cherished Todd and Steve have. Roner died in a skydiving accident in September 2015, and it absolutely pummeled the action sports community and those who looked up to him and knew him.

Todd Jones wrote in a piece called, Remembering the Life of Erik Roner, "I'm gonna miss just walking down the road or driving in a car and laughing and smiling with him. Man, that smile. You all know it. His was the biggest smile and the most real one. He really loved the life he lived and never took that for granted. He was always so grateful for everything that came his way. Especially Anika and then Oskar, and the Kasper. Our hearts are gutted. The world is not as cool anymore. Nowhere near as cool."

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