One Weekend in Jackson

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Jeff's objective for this project was to self shoot an entire weekend in Jackson, WY only utilizing only GoPros. The result is this shameless two minutes and thirty seconds of puppies, high fives, beer showers, gun shooting, fish catching and a whole lot of bike riding. “Fun” I think they call it...

By the numbers:

Number of rides: 5 (including the race as one ride)

Vertical Ascended: 9320 ft

Vertical Descended: 10310 ft

Fish Caught: 5

Fish Missed: At *least* 5

Clays Hit: 21

Clays Missed: Don't worry about it

Beers Drank: Lots

Girls I went up to and then ran away from: 3

Shuttles: 0

High Fives: No idea but its a lot.

Things Tucker destroyed: 3 on Vimeo

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