Opening Day at Mavericks Gives Hope for Another Big Wave Contest Soon

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About an hour south of San Fransisco, down 280 towards Half Moon Bay is a rugged, rocky beach known as Mavericks. For the better part of year, the waves off Mavericks lie dormant and look no different than any other spot you would drive by on the Northern Californian coast. But for a few months during late fall and into the spring, and almost always after a strong winter storm, the waves off Mavericks can reach heights over 60 feet. The best big wave surfers from all over the world flock to the break with their thickest wetsuits and nine-foot guns hoping to catch a few cold-water bombs.

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After an epic start to the big wave season in Portugal and Hawaii, it would be easy to overlook Mavericks this year. But a great opening day last week has turned our attention back to the North American giant, and given us hope that the ocean might cooperate this year to give us another long-awaited Mavs contest!

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