Our Favorite #TGRGrom Contest Instagram Entries So Far

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To all our groms, the time has been flying by, which means we’re nearing the deadline for submissions to our TGR Grom contest. If you’re sitting on a bank of footage from the season, don’t worry—you’ve still got till June 30th to submit your edit.


In need of some inspiration as your lock down your favorite clips? We’ve got you. Sorting through all the edits we’ve had submitted, here are a few that caught our attention on Instagram.

Wyatt Minor’s Instagram edit is a complete tease. The suspense builds as we watch the 17-year-old load up for a heli-ski adventure and then it cuts to black. Seriously!? Thankfully, there’s more, but you’ll need to head over to the grom comp site to watch the full edit.

When it comes to skiing, Ten-year-old Finley has noble intentions. “I don’t want to just be good for girls, I just want to be good,” she explains in the intro and proceeds to stomp it in her edit. Regardless of gender—even though we love us some lady shred—Finley absolutely crushes it. Atta girl!

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Terje LaMont throws it down on a snowboard. Living up to his name, little Terje rips with just as much style as the OG Terje Haakonsen himself. Even though the halfpipe towers over him, the six-year-old is not even fazed—we can’t wait to see when he starts throwing methods.

We have to tip our hat to 7-year-old Griffin Good for making lemonade from some not so ideal lemons. Good—who’s home mountain is Taos—dealt with a dismal amount of snow this winter. Even though drought conditions plagued the San Juan mountains, Good didn’t let that keep him from having a good time. His edit is an ever-important reminder that as with grapple with a changing winter you can still find something to rip.

With the clock ticking we know there are more submissions out there waiting for us. Be sure to enter them by June 30, 2018, at 11:59 PM MST to be considered for our grand prize.

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