Outpouring of Love and Grief for Dave Treadway

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Yesterday with great sadness, we learned about the untimely death of freeskier Dave Treadway. Beyond his incredible skiing abilities, Treadway was an individual that held a special and vital place within his community, family, and the snow industry as a whole. With the news still setting in, friends and loved ones of Treadway are taking to social media to share moving tributes in honor of the late skier.

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Treadway is survived by his expecting wife and two children. A GoFundme has been established to support the Treadway family. To lend a hand to his wife and three children (ages six, two, and unborn), visit the fundraiser here.

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I love the mountains. I hate the mountains. Moments before I took this photo last night, I remember thinking how much I love this stuff - skiing powder, filming, watching the sunset from the top of a mountain, camping in the cold, & doing it all with a great group of friends. Moments after I took this photo I received a call - the kind you don’t want to get. We’d lost another brother to the mountains. Noooooo! Too many. I hate this! Why?! It didn’t make sense the first, 4th or 10th time I’ve had this call, and it doesn’t make sense now. All I know is the world just lost an incredible human being and a wonderful family is suffering unthinkable grief. All my love to the Treadway family. You will be deeply missed, Dave. ❤️

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Ski the sky for us Dave ✨ Broken-hearted by the devastating news I was in touch with mutual friends to find peace in Dave’s memories and share our fragile state - it was therapeutic to hear that all those I connected with that have kids took the day off to spend time with their family upon learning of Dave’s passing. His legacy is alive - his legacy of prioritizing the right stuff and authentically sharing what’s important - no ego allowed. Dave was a friend and a mentor to me, he was an excellent subject to photograph but the best part of working with him wasn’t the photos or the powder, it was the experience of his contagiously playful yet grounded presence that made every interaction genuine and memorable. Thanks for the memories Dave, I’ll hold them near by heart. #davetreadway

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Life is so grand. Sometimes it takes the big hits to realize the small things dont matter; like without the ground what point is the latter?, It could be any of us, at any time...believe me, i've thought about how it could be mine on any given line; different scenarios play out in my head like an over scripted movie, waking me at night, sending me to the porch to smoke a doobie, I only know that to stay alive i must be alert, not only for me but for all the others it may hurt, I wait for the day to come, like this pit in my stomach is a regular occurrence, It's pretty fuked up but we can't live behind curtains, More so we have to read the sword, and the battle, and attack with respect cuz you never know when it could be your neck, Ya, we play the game with calculated strategy, but the numbers...the numbers game it had to be...uncontrolled objective hazard is still half the capacity of catastrophe, And even after all the thought of how it could happen to me, theres a million ways the mountains can kill how none of us thought it would happen to be, We live by the sword, we die by the sword, like a death note we already wrote, its our destiny and somehow our only way to live happily, Like any addictive substance, its easily over fed, but for this its an internal mtn rat craving addrenaline, and the more his appetite for flight gets fed, the hungrier he gets, leading to more risk growing rapidly, It's a double edged sword, and we live on the front point if its edges, Without it we're already dead, with it we're fed...and that's the only way to justify it, Not everyone will understand and noone will know when life powers give us the upper hand but if we are together as one, then the only thing that take away that love and fun is the gun...the gun, the sword, the grenade...Whatever u wanna called it, it's life how the most high has it made, And as much as we hate that sword we live by, we wouldn't even wanna live if it wasnt there in the first place, Without good there's no bad and without bad there is no good...only in this perspective we can see positivity in everything life throws at us, So technically everything is a blessing...whether it's...[cont]⬇

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