POV: The First Sit-Skier to Drop Corbet’s Couloir

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Travis Rice’s run at Kings and Queens of Corbet’s 2019 might have been some of the finest snowboarding we’ve ever seen, but the real hero was no doubt Trevor Kennison, who chucked it off the lip aboard his sit-ski. Kennison suffered a life-changing snowboarding injury in 2014 when he crashed on a jump in the backcountry of Vail Pass, Colorado, landing on his back. He has worked with the High Fives Foundation ever since, and competed in the ski race events with dreams of entering the 2022 Paralympics.

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Needless to say, Tuesday’s Corbet’s contest was a pivotal moment for Kennison. Talk about pure, unadulterated stoke.

Trevor Kennison at the bottom of his Corbet's run. Nic Alegre photo.

PS: Kennison made ESPN Sports Center's Top 10 Plays on Wednesday.

Maybe work on your action sports reporting a little more though, ESPN!

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