Projekt Pommes II

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Projekt Pommes II from Tobias Huber on Vimeo

Projekt Pommes is a trio of Euro kids on fat skis that are something like an up-and-coming Austrian Nimbus Independent, just without any slow motion “art” shots thrown in there. Instead it's just pure, talented, and stylish skiing with a bunch of sweet tricks thrown in the middle of lines in good snow. There's rarely a cornice that isn't nosebuttered or Miller flipped and seldom a clean cliff landing that isn't stomped switch. While Georg Stückler, Tobias Huber, and Sven Rauber aren't flashing any Ian McIntosh death lines, they make for the classic Nimbusy approach of connecting all the funnest possible drops, windlips, and gaps on a given pitch of good snow. The skiing even looks, dare I say, somewhat approachable? After all, in case you've taken a look at your powder skis recently, with their hybrid shapes, twin tips, and dual rocker, this is what you're supposed to be doing: skiing some pretty turns down the mountain and jumping off shit to do cool little tricks. After all, what the hell else are you going to film with your GoPro?

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