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I’ve been the winter production intern for Teton Gravity Research since January, being able to see what all goes into making a ski movie. Mostly, I have been working with the post-production team in the office, a great group of people to work and ski with at the base of the legendary Jackson Hole Mountain. TGR at its core seeks out to make the best ski and snowboard movie they can. A close detailed eye is what has stood out with everyone that works for TGR. After a great winter with everyone killing it in the office, I was asked to join Todd Jones and the rest of the production team and athletes to help out on the last shoot of the season up here at Stevens Pass, Washington…

In every ski movie there are killer shots that make the cut because the athletes crush it when the weather finally opens and its time for them to be bring there A-game and do what they do. Something we don’t see or even consider is just how on top of their game the cinematographer and photographers have to be to make the shot work. If it’s hiking ski towers, post-holing through corn snow in trees, or hanging out of a helicopter. The production team of TGR goes to any length to pull off the perfect cinematic shot. The team consists of Todd Jones, Josh Nielsen , Dustin Handley, Pete O'Brien, Adam Clark, Flip McCirick, Josh Brom and Dave Hudacsko.

For instance I had the chance to get some production shots from inside the Heli while cinematographer Todd Jones and photographer Adam Clark, strapped in only by climbing harnesses, worked on getting aerial shots of the athletes sending it off the first jump. Its not as simple as it looks, because not only are they trying to hold on to there gear, (Todd’s camera weighs around 35Lb on his shoulder), but they are doing so while the pilot pulls Top Gun maneuvers to get the bird into the perfect cinematic position. Thankfully we have a great pilot named Kent who has worked tremendously with Todd Jones and Adam Clark to get them into the exact position that they want which hasn’t been easy with trees and chair lifts on both sides. Both the athletes and production crew work seamlessly together up here at Stevens Pass, Washington, mostly because they work and play together on and off the hill. This unique friendship is what makes the athletes trust that the crew at TGR will nail the shot when they throw down the biggest.

Josh Brom
TGR Intern

Pete O'Brien setting up for a Shot**Pete O'Brien setting up his 16mm Camera as Dash Longe shuttles Tanner Hall up the top of one of the jumps here at Stevens Pass that the boys have been crushing. Photo: Josh Brom **

Wiley Miller going big with the Heli flying

** Wiley Miller throws down as the heli flys by him on one of the jumps here at Stevens Pass. Photo: Josh Brom **

Todd Jones waiting for the Heli

** Cinematographer Todd Jones, waits for the heli to pick him and his Red Camera up. Todd is crushing it with the Red Camera this year. Photo: Josh Brom **

Inside the Heli ** Strapped inside the Heli cinematographer Todd Jones and photographer Adam Clark hold on and focus only on the athlete mocking down the in-run. This is no easy task for Todd Jones holding the Red Camera that weighs 35LB. Photo: Josh Brom**

Hanging out of the Heli

** Cinematographer Todd Jones and photographer Adam Clark hang outside of the Heli as pilot Kent flys with percision around the ski lift and trees. Photo: Josh Brom**

Over the Top

** Over the top of one of the jumps here at Stevens Pass, cinematographer Todd Jones and photographer Adam Clark get pushed sideways pulling some G-force turns to get the exact cinematic shot Jones has envisioned. Photo: Josh Brom**

**Todd Jone shoots Dylan Hood out of helicopter with the RED camera.**

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