Reasons why Mountain Biking is better than Snowboarding

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Mountain biking and snowboarding are two different sports. In mountain biking, the participants ride bikes off the road across different terrains such as mountains, deserts or rocks. This racing sport is classified into cross country, dirt jumping and downhill, to mention a few. On the other hand, snowboarding is a sport where the participants descend a slope that is covered with snow as they stand on a board attached to their feet. Snowboarding was developed after skateboarding, surfing, and skiing. The major types of snowboarding include free-riding, freestyle, urban and halfpipe. Most people prefer mountain biking over snowboarding due to the following reasons;

Geographical diversity

The best thing about mountain biking is that it can be done even in the absence of mountains. A person can ride in the jungle or even in the desert. On the other hand, there is no snowboarding without slopes. Therefore, almost every nation can enjoy Quality Mountain biking, but not snowboarding.

Seasonal diversity

Apart from location, the timing of the activities is another reason why mountain biking is better than snowboarding. The latter is only limited to the winter season while the former can take place any time, all years round. It means that this is the best activity for the people who want to have fun any time they want to.


Manufacturing like milling services, mountain bikes are cheaper than snowboards manufacturing, all you need to invest in is a bike. On the other hand, you have to buy the snowboard, the boots, skis, and other equipment if you want to snowboard safely. Apart from the cost of the gear, mountain biking is cheaper like in that you can ride most tails for free as long as you have the bike. For snowboarding, you have to purchase lift tickets, which are quite expensive.


If you want to maintain your body fitness, you should consider bike riding instead of snowboarding. It is correct to say that aggressive snowboarding can be exhausting because you have to spend your time charging through deep snow. The exercise works out your muscles and lungs, and this means that you will be fatigued at the end of the session. On the other hand, cycling is an aerobic activity, which indeed promotes fitness.

Doing it after dark

If you want to snowboard at night, you have to stick to slopes that have good lighting. These groomed slopes are very few. However, when you are night riding, you can carry your own flash, attach it to your mountain bike and ride on a trail after dark, just like you would during the day. The best thing about night riding is that it is as entertaining and enjoyable as the day riding.

Both mountain biking and snowboarding have their unique advantages. For snowboarding, you do not have to worry about keeping pace and staying ahead of the people behind you. Therefore, it is good to be passionate about both sports. However, the above are some of the reasons why snowboarders should start mountain biking.

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