Redefining What’s Possible – Behind The Line: Season 6 Episode 5

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In season 6 episode 5 of Teton Gravity Research’s Behind The Line, our heli pilot along with athletes Sammy Carlson, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Angel Collinson and Ian McIntosh redefine what’s possible in skiing. For the past decade, pilot Tighe Daugherty, has helped the athletes reach new and daunting terrain in Alaska. With an emphasis on safety, Daugherty’s skills as a pilot serve as a catalyst for our athlete’s creativity, enabling them to explore beyond their comfort zone and secure gnarly first descents. Here the crew ventures into the Cathedral Zone, an area deep in the Neacola Mountains. Behind the Line is a series that takes you into the minds of the TGR athletes. Each episode features a unique line, jump, or session as athletes take a look back and discuss the moment. The series gives you an in depth look Behind The Line of these incredible film moments.Want more? Download Way Of Life on iTunes hereMusic courtesy ofDrop in with TGR:FacebookInstagramYouTubeTwitter

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