Rippin' Krippenstein - TGR Atomic Product Shoot Part 2

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TGR Founder Steve Jones is in Krippenstein, Austria, filming product videos for Atomic. This is his second blog post from his trip. Click Here To Read Part 1.

After a week of stormy weather, it glassed off. We finally got to see the Dachstein in all its sparkling glory. We met up with Atomic freeride excecs and shredheads Clemens Steibock and Chris Mckearen for the grand tour of Krippenstein's infinite backcountry terrain. This place is mind bending. The boys treated us to a world of possibility. Clemens knew all the right people and set us up with a piston bully ride deep into the magic kingdom of another European jewel. This is Atomic's backyard playground. No wonder they know how to make some of the best tools in the trade.

TGR Atomic Shoot in AustriaThe ferry dock for Krippenstein early morning, and the beginning of what would turn out to be our first bluebird day.

TGR Atomic Shoot in AustriaSteve Jones waiting for the tram to neverneverland. Ticket to ride ...

TGR Atomic Shoot in AustriaAtomic Sports Marketing Manager Chris Mckearin, Jr. Communications Manager Clemens Stieboeck, and TGR Founder Steve Jones wait for the cat ride to heaven.

TGR Atomic Shoot in AustriaChris, Clemens, and Anne Jones boarding first class on the glacier express.

TGR Atomic Shoot in AustriaClemens and Anne hunt for the big white whale.

TGR Atomic Shoot in AustriaClemens and Chris with a clear exit strategy.

TGR Atomic Shoot in AustriaSteve Jones out of the glacier basin and close to a cool one...

TGR Atomic Shoot in AustriaAnne Jones, another Tram?

TGR Atomic Shoot in AustriaYes, another one... funkytown?

TGR Atomic Shoot in AustriaSteve, Clemens, and Chris after a successful day of research and development.

TGR Atomic Shoot in AustriaThe ultimate Apres.

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