Rob Machado Just Made this Grom's Day

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If Rob Machado’s accolades didn’t already stack up, add that he’s an exceptional craftsman to the list. The man knows how to make one hell of a surfboard. Despite already having an impressive quiver of boards, Machado set out to create something pretty special, a board for everything. Sculpting that perfect jack-of-all-trades board was a challenge too tempting for Machado to resist.

After finding the perfect shape and testing it out at Teahupo'o, he does what none of us expects: he gives it away. Not just to anyone, but toa local grom that’s ripping it up on the waves. Machado’s actions are ultimately a reminder that at the end of the day it’s not about the shape of the board, it’s about the memories you create with it. And I’m sure for that grom they’ll last a lifetime.

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