Rossignol's Snowboard Team Shows Why Your Next Ski Trip Should be Japan

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There are many things about Andrew Muse’s trip to Japan that simply feel otherworldly. Hotel delivery robots, snow removal facilitated by natural hot springs, and the shower/toilet/sink three-in-one combo are definite firsts for us. But despite Japan’s cultural differences, it has one thing that doesn’t need explaining: untouched snow, and lots of it.

Muse, who has made a name for himself for traveling the states in his adventure van, chases some of the finest powder stashes in the Land of the Rising Sun with his latest edit. Following alongside snowboarding legends Travis Rice, Xavier De Le Rue, and the rest of the Rossignol ski/snowboard team, they hit Hakuba, Nowaza-Onsen, and Otari-Onsen, where they find steep and deep lines just as bountiful as the apres-ski sake. When not on the slopes, Muse and his team crash at quirky spots like a 200-year-old traditional Inn, which just so happens to sit on top of a natural hot spring. The edit is just another reminder that a trip to Japan will not only be rich with fresh tracks, but also with the opportunity to experience a culture steeped with incredible tradition and history.

Plus, relaxing in a 104-degree natural hot spring post-ride doesn’t sound too shabby.

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