Ryan Carlson Spins Like A Top

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Ryan Carlson going absolutely off in this quick-hit presented by Lib-Tec Boards. Ryan makes throwing big airs and threes absolutely effortless. He showcases his effortless style with some switch surfing at 0:44. It can only be classified as water steeze at its finest. What might be equally impressive, however, is the board that Ryan Carlson is riding.

Lib-Tec, courtesy of their chief mad scientist Mike Olson, is ditching the ding-prone standard of foam and glass surfboard design for a proprietary process that will churn out surfboards as tough and durable as any skateboard or surfboard. The video below showcases how crazy strong they are, with people knocking into doors, hucking it into the back of a pickup, and even running over it on a bicycle. None of these blunders-which would be catastrophic for conventional surfboards-manage to even make a mark. So if you are a surfer who loves to travel or a severe klutz like me, check them out here.

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