Sage And Adam Clark Team Up For The Co-Lab $100K Video Contest

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It’s real: We’re giving away $100,000.

As part of Adam Clark Shoots for The Co-LabAdam Clark frames up a shot for Adam Clark Co-Lab filming kitAdam Clark's Co-Lab filming kit.

TGR: What do you think makes a good ski segment?

Sage: A theme, good content, and creativity.

Adam: Always great skiing, style. I'm a fan a unique angles and storytelling without words.

TGR: How do you hope to improve on what's been done?

Sage: I just want to put together a creative piece that people enjoy to watch. It's not my intention to better what other people have done in the past.

Adam: I'm just hoping to make something different and fun that keeps somebody’s attention for five minutes.

TGR: Who are you most excited to see enter in The Co-Lab contest?

Sage: I am really excited to see what gets put out there. It will be cool to see who puts out material and what the various visions and interpretations come out of it.

Adam: People that I have never heard of. I know there's some dark horses out there that are super talented skiers and filmers. It would also be really cool to see some top name athletes that have their own vision of what they would want to see as their segment.

TGR: What do you think will make a winning Co-Lab edit? Will it be the locations? The cinematography? The athletic talent? The editing? The music?

Sage: It really depends. Bottom line, something that is fun to watch and gets people fired up.

Adam: A combination of all of that. I'm hoping to see some really epic editing and action!

TGR: If you win, what would you do with $100,000?

Sage: Split it with Adam, pay taxes on 30 percent and go to Brookstone next time I'm at the airport and get one of those cool RC helicopters.

Adam: Keep travelling around skiing pow. Maybe buy a new camera. Depends, maybe Sage will keep it all to himself. …

Adam ClarkAdam Clark, in the streets.

Camera gear is available on sale at

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