Sage Explains What He Was Thinking On "Plan B" Line That Ends in Wild Crash

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Defend My Line is a tradition at our International Pro Riders' Workshop in which TGR athletes defend their approach and thought process on lines that did not end well, and often in a huge crash. Sage's chance came this year when he backslapped on the landing of a cliff at the end of an insane Alaskan spine line he dubbed "Plan B," which was featured in Paradise Waits.

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Defend My Line is an awesome chance to hear just what your favorite pro was thinking when they took on a wild line, and despite the ending, it's amazing to see how many things Sage was taking into account on the way down, and how close he got to sticking one of the gnarliest lines of the year. Look forward to hearing from Ian McIntosh and Angel Collinson later this week!

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